I'm UX Designer
Yakari Van Dessel

I’m a collaborative UX expert with a methodological approach throughout the UX process. In projects, I work with stakeholders to discover the real problem and help bring the “user voice” to projects by conducting thorough user research. Ultimately, I help the team deliver solutions that are user-centric as well as meeting the organisation’s needs.

Latest blog posts

Seat’s Infotainment UX: Misconception Leading to User Frustration

During the first week with my brand new car, I noticed that — for some mysterious reason — the time on the infotainment system did not match the time on my Apple Watch. Before driving to work, I quickly wanted to adjust the time so that it was correct again. I …

Custom Career Advice is Awesome

ADPlist.org is a free platform that allows you to have a one-on-one or group mentor sessions with world-class mentors. The process is as follows: you search a mentor you’d like to speak, you pick an available time slot, you write a motivation letter to explain why you’d like to have a …

My Unusual Journey from Construction Worker to UX

Meanwhile, I’ve been a UX Designer for over two years. Before that, I worked hard to turn a job I absolutely did not like into a job I absolutely love. My job is now my passion, it’s my Ikigai. The career switch Back in 2019, I had decided to leave the …