I'm UX Designer
Yakari Van Dessel

I’m a collaborative UX expert with a methodological approach throughout the UX process. In projects, I work with stakeholders to discover the real problem and help bring the “user voice” to projects by conducting thorough user research. Ultimately, I help the team deliver solutions that are user-centric as well as meeting the organisation’s needs.

Latest blog posts

Checklist for Information Architecture

Do you need to design an information architecture (AI) based on real user data? Use this guide to get you started. I won’t explain all steps in the process in detail, but it’ll be enough to get you going. There will be useful resources at the bottom of this blog post. …

Personas: Why They Do Work

I wrote this blog post for Pàu, therefore it was first published on the Pàu Stories. A few weeks ago I read a tweet from a UX influencer questioning personas. I was stunned by how many other UX professionals also disagree with the effectiveness of personas. However, if you create personas …

Seat’s Infotainment UX: Misconception Leading to User Frustration

During the first week with my brand new car, I noticed that — for some mysterious reason — the time on the infotainment system did not match the time on my Apple Watch. Before driving to work, I quickly wanted to adjust the time so that it was correct again. I …