Portrait of Yakari Van Dessel

Yakari worked at iO as a UX designer in strategy, research and design on projects for the federal government, European Commission, Audi and other projects. In 2022, Yakari left iO to sign up for a new challenge. Currently Yakari is working as a UX consultant via Pàu. He has been awarded with UX Design Institute’s Professional UX Diploma in 2021, and with Nielsen Norman Group’s UX Research Certificate in 2022.

Approach & Expertise

During discovery he tries to better understand the user needs. It’s important making a new product or feature that solves a real user problem and meets business needs. Through discovery, he can figure out if it makes sense to do the project at all.

If he discovered a real user need aligned with business needs during discovery, he can address the problem and defined scope by conducting exploratory research methods and iterations.

Testing by validating design solutions during and after implementation are important. Test and listen methods are ways to continuously listen to real end users to improve their experiences with the company’s touchpoints.