About Yakari

Portret of Yakari Van Dessel

Yakari Van Dessel is a UX designer with a passion for human-centric experiences. With 5+ years of experience, he has collaborated with a diverse range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations and government institutions. In each context, Yakari has focused on bridging the gap between user needs and business objectives to create impactful and user-friendly solutions.

Yakari’s career began at iO, where he served as both a UI Designer and UX Strategist. He honed his skills in crafting intuitive interfaces and conducting user research to validate value propositions. Notable projects include work for the European Commission and Foreign Affairs Belgium, where he redefined product concepts based on user insights.

Transitioning to Pàu, Yakari championed customer-centric approaches for complex telecom products at Proximus and designed solutions for Mediahuis.

Currently, Yakari is a UX Strategis at Bold, powered by Ordina Sopra Steria. He thrives on tackling complex challenges and finding creative solutions that resonate with users and drive organizational success. His fascination with the intersection of design and business fuels his passion for creating impactful products and services.

Outside of work, Yakari is a dedicated family man. He believes in maintaining a strong work-life balance and continuously investing in self-development. His passion for UX and psychology extends beyond his professional life, as he enjoys tinkering with personal projects and expanding his knowledge in these fields.